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Sterling Silver Magnesite Black Bear Earrings

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Our Magnesite Black Bear Earrings pay a striking homage to the majestic spirit of the bear.

Crafted with precision and meticulous attention to detail, each earring features a gorgeous black magnesite stone in the shape of a bear. Embodying strength, resilience and grounding energy. The bear symbolizes courage, protection, and wisdom, serving as a guardian spirit and guide through life's journey. 

These earrings serve as a daily reminder of our connection to Mother Earth and nature. Crafted with magnesite and sterling silver, the earrings radiate a soothing energy, and the stone is a powerful tool for manifestation and meditation.

Each earring features sterling silver hardware and a magnesite stone in the shape of a bear, inspiring you to walk with courage, strength and reverence for all of Earth and its gifts.