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Every brand manages the shipment of its own products, each with its distinct shipping rates displayed collectively.

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Pow Wow Market Requirements

  • Indigenous Status Requirement: Applicants must be Indigenous to qualify. 
  • Location Requirement: At this time your store must be based in Canada.
  • Alumni Status Requirement: Must be Alumni of Pow Wow Pitch, if you are not we will be reopening applications in April and will invite you to submit a one-minute video pitch at that time. You will qualify to reapply once you complete this step and officially become an Alumni.
  • Shopify Platform Requirement: Your website must be hosted on Shopify which is necessary to integrate with our Shopify-enabled You can start your free Shopify trial to begin the process. Once your shop is set up on Shopify, please email us at, and we'll be ready to seamlessly integrate your products.