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Connections Reversible Blanket

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 Made with recycled fabric 

About the Connections Blanket Design

The hummingbird is a small but powerful life force. It symbolizes healing and the connection that we have to the beyond. In order to maintain the connection to our relatives and loved ones that have travelled on to the spirit world we honour the messengers that bring us peace and hope. We look to the light in search of them - just as the hummingbirds face towards the symbol of the sun and moon, and leave a trail of energy behind them as they flutter into the sky. This blanket design is a warm reminder that those of our past are always with us in spirit, let us honour them.


About the Collaboration with Emily Kewageshig X MINI TIPI

 MINI TIPI connects with artists that are making an impact in the Indigenous community, who have a connection to the culture, and are sharing their knowledge through art.  

Emily is a contemporary Ojibway artist who uses art as a form of storytelling. Building a legacy for her children and community, her choice of collaborators always has a purpose. Her work with CBC to develop a logo for the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, as well as working on projects like illustrating a book which tells Phyllis Webstad’s story for Orange Shirt Day, the outcomes always have so much impact. Her murals and prints incorporate animals, florals, and themes of birth, death, and rebirth.  Sharing similar values and visions, the work both Emily and MINI TIPI aim to do is celebrate art and culture by using visual storytelling with authentic cultural representation. Her work with various organizations has paved the way for future generations.

We approached Emily about a collaboration because we really connected emotionally with her art and storytelling, as many do. We love how she is able to pass down the knowledge she was gifted through visual arts. With her involvement in the community, as well as her unique style, we knew that she would create something magical for everyone to connect to. Emily is a knowledge keeper, and her art has such powerful and rich meaning. When we spoke about a collaboration and inspiration for her design, Connections, Emily was able to channel the importance of remembering those who have passed and how they will never be forgotten because of the connection that was shared.

We are grateful for this collaboration, this design allows all of us to feel the emotion “Connection” carries. This blanket is rich with knowledge, captivating colours, and is considered an heirloom piece. Art and storytelling can allow us to connect and remember where we came from.


About the Artist Emily Kewageshig

Emily Kewageshig is an Anishnaabe artist and visual storyteller whose work captures the interconnection of life forms using both traditional and contemporary materials and methods. She creates artwork that highlights Indigenous knowledge and culture. Emily is from Saugeen First Nation in Ontario, Canada.

MINI TIPI's Blanket Material 

Our eco-friendly everyday blankets are made from sustainable fabric woven in Italy. It’s perfect for family picnics, camping, getting cozy around the campfire and is made large enough for a queen size bed or a throw blanket. The warm and luxurious wool/acrylic/polyester blend makes them soft, yet washable. The trim adds a beautiful finish.

50% recycled polyester, 30% acrylic, 20% recycled wool

Perfect soft and warm blend that will last a long time.

Size: 60 inches x 80 inches 

Connections Wool-Blend Blanket Care Instructions

Wash on cold, hang to dry .