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K’iy is the Wet’suwet’en word for birch. Trees are our oldest relatives; their roots reach deep into our histories and their branches reach far up and out with possibility and potential. This strong, grounded blend is inspired by our mentors, whose teachings and guidance empower us to grow.

The Ceremony Collection is made of pure, organic and sustainably harvested essential oils.

Benefits: A deeply nourishing base of sunflower seed oil helps improve the appearance of skin’s texture while restoring moisture. We gravitate towards this formula during seasons of change, taking inspiration to stay grounded from the fresh, familiar scent of a deeply rooted forest.

Instructions: Apply to bath or body as desired. Use within 18 months of opening.

Ingredients (Ingrédients): Balsam Poplar Extract (Extrait de peuplier baumier), Atlas Cedarwood (Cèdre de l’atlas), Patchouli, Birch (Bouleau)

All of our ingredients are either certified organic, ethically sourced—or both.