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Special Edition // “ I Believe In You”

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This familiar rose design has a long and layered story for Indi City.

Much like any true blooms, which are subject to seasonality, we are putting these blossoms to rest. In its final act, this design will provide healing and medicine in the “I Believe In You” collection as a fundraiser for survivors of domestic and intimate partner violence, which is a personal and systemic issue close to my heart as a 2Spirit Indigenous woman, a founder, a mother, and as a survivor myself.

Shown in a deep matte smoky and mirrored purple (which is the official colour for domestic violence awareness), the roses are paired with turquoise and black tourmaline stones for protection, as well as hematite which aids in transmuting negative energy.

According to a report by Statistics Canada, Indigenous women are more than three times as likely to experience intimate partner violence than non-Indigenous women. Furthermore, the report states that “Indigenous women are more likely to experience more severe and potentially life-threatening forms of family violence than non-Indigenous women.”

It is very important to note that this research does not report inclusive data, the lived experience, and statistics about the increased levels of violence that queer, trans and Two-Spirit people face.

Many factors, such as the legacy of residential schools and the intergenerational trauma resulting from colonial policies, contribute to the vulnerability of Indigenous women to domestic violence. The lack of culturally appropriate services and jurisdictional issues further complicates their ability to seek help and protection.

“I Believe In You” is a love letter to all of our relatives we have tragically lost, those who have survived, those who have had the incredible courage to speak up and to those who never could.

I hold my hands up in gratitude to all of those dedicated to ensuring the safety and healing of survivors.

with gratitude,

Angel Aubichon, Indi City