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AISIYAH'KIYA - Cleanse - Ceramic Candle

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A I S I Y A H ‘ K I Y A


For use at any time during the Moon Cycle, as needed - We use this in our home daily to cleanse our energy and remove negativity.

With this scent, we wanted to recreate the feeling of walking along the winding, tree lined path to the mighty Quw’utsun River. The rushing water alive with energy and deeply, soul shakingly cleansing. The power of a fast moving River will literally take your breath away and shake the cobwebs from your soul.

Burning this candle recreates the scent of rich green rainforests right in your home. A path overgrown with Blackberry bushes, salal and ferns. Mossy and lush, the air full of the scent of the Forest.

The woodsy scents of red cedar, Balsam fir, hemlock and juniper mingle with blackberry and salal bushes rich with fruit. The air is heavy with water, filling your nose with the scent of the earth just after a rain. 

The light, earthy scent of sage mingles with the sweet, balsamic and resinous Balsam Fir, creating a scent that is light and fresh yet still deep and opulent with hints of jasmine, oak moss and amber.

Tangy sea salt kisses your nose while a pop of Citron brings a spark of joy.  A bright, fresh sweet scent, grounded by the roots of the forest floor. 

14 oz coconut/ soy / beeswax candle 

Crackling Wooden wick

Comes in a beautiful, custom box