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AAWAKAMA - Protect - Tin Candle

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Protect | Cleanse | Call in your Ancestors |
Strengthen Connection to Spirit | Heal
Charred Cedar | Tobacco Flower | Amber Resins | Blackberry | Oak

The Protect Candle is inspired by st̕éy̕əs, which is the SENĆOŦEN name for Pender Island. We were inspired while spending the night in an actual Treehouse on North Pender Island. Built 40 feet up in the air, in a towering Cedar Tree, we were surrounded by nothing but waving branches, ravens, sea air, and the deep, profound history of this ancient place. That night our lives were changed forever. Chief Crowfoot came to me in a vision, and told me that I was pregnant. He told us he would protect our son.

For this beautiful candle, we blended together the essences of Charred Red Cedar, Tobacco Flower, Wild Vanilla Leaf and Blackberry. To this we added notes of Honey Absolute and Amber resins. The deep and complex smell is perfectly balanced and completely unisex.

The deep and smoky charred Cedar and dark oak mingles with glowing embers and beautiful vanilla leaf to create a deep and rich base. Middle notes of Tobacco Leaf,  sweet, slightly floral and lightly musky lead you into soft, creamy notes of warm blackberry and sticky sweet honey. Like picking berries on a warm summer day. 

Top notes of wild orange and bergamot lighten this blend, bringing beauty and balance to its deep, rich creaminess. One of our most unique and most beloved scents.